Kit Kit’s First Checkup

Kit Kit’s First Checkup

kit-kit-1Sweet little Kit Kit came in to see us for her first puppy check-up yesterday!

Apart from getting her vaccination and worming, her owners were concerned about some spots on her belly that turned out to be a case of superficial pyoderma!

Pyoderma literally means “pus in the skin” and superficial refers to the fact that it is only affecting the uppermost layers of the skin. This condition, sometimes also referred to as ‘impetigo’, is usually seen in hairless areas, particularly in young puppies, and causes pus-filled blisters that may break and crust over.

Most cases of pyoderma are caused by bacterial infections. This was confirmed in Kit Kit’s case by sampling one of the spots on her belly and examining the pus under the microscope. There were many white blood cells and bacteria evident, and a few white blood cells that had recently engulfed the bacteria – a sign of an active infection.

kit-kit-2Pyoderma occurs in otherwise healthy animals and resolves completely with appropriate antibiotics. It can also occur secondary to other skin diseases, such as parasite infestation or allergies. It is important to diagnose and resolve the underlying cause of pyoderma if it is severe or recurrent.

We expect Kit Kit to make a full recovery and will check up on her progress when she returns for her second puppy vaccination!