EU Pet Travel Scheme Explained

EU Pet Travel Scheme Explained

The process of moving from Cambodia to the EU with your pet can seem bewildering at first, so here we have explained the veterinary requirements in 6 easy steps.


    • Your pet must be permanently identified by the implantation of a microchip, and the date of implantation recorded.
    • This microchip must be a 15-digit microchip.
    • If your pet has a 10-digit microchip, you must provide your own microchip reader at the airport.

Estimated Timescale: The correct microchip can be inserted during a standard 15-minute veterinary appointment.


  1. Rabies vaccination.
    • Your pet must be at least 12 weeks old before it receives the rabies vaccination.
    • The rabies vaccination must happen AFTER your pet has been microchipped. Any rabies vaccinations before microchipping are not valid for travel.

Estimated Timescale: Initial rabies vaccination can be administered during the same appointment as microchipping. You may choose to repeat the rabies vaccination one month later to ensure the highest probability that your pet will pass the Rabies Antibody Titration Test (see next step).


  1. Rabies Antibody Titration Test.
    • This tests your pet’s blood to make sure that they have developed a high enough level of antibodies in response to the rabies vaccine.
    • You must wait a minimum of 30 days after the date of rabies vaccination (where the day of vaccination counts as day 0, not day 1).
    • Must be performed by an EU-approved laboratory.

Estimated Timescale: A blood sample can be drawn from your pet during a standard 15-minute veterinary appointment. You must then wait 3 calendar months from the date the blood sample was taken before your pet is eligible to travel. It can take up to 3 weeks to receive results from the laboratory, and up to 6 weeks to receive the original copy of the Rabies Serology Certificate.


  1. Export Permit.
    • The Cambodian Government require all animals leaving Cambodia to be issued with an Export Permit by the Ministry of Agriculture.
    • You can apply for the Export Permit at any time during the 3-month waiting period, but you must know your pet’s exact date of travel.
    • You are required to supply a photocopy of the following with your application:
      1. Your passport
      2. Your pet’s vaccination details (rabies vaccination and annual vaccinations)
  • Your flight details

Estimated Timescale: Usually takes 7 – 10 working days to be issued, dependent upon Cambodian national holidays. We recommend applying for the Export Permit and “Third Country Official Veterinary Certificate and Declaration for the Non-Commercial Movement of Animals” (see next step) at the same time, approximately two weeks before departure.

  1. Third Country Official Veterinary Certificate and Declaration for the Non-Commercial Movement of Animals.
    • Must be signed AFTER the 3 month waiting period.
    • An official veterinarian must complete the Third Country Certificate and the owner or authorised person must complete the Declaration.
    • The owner or authorised person responsible for the animal must accompany the pet within five days of the pet’s movement.
    • Your pet must arrive in the EU within 10 days of the date of signing of the certificate.
    • Please bring the following to this appointment: pet’s vaccination records (rabies and other vaccinations), owner passport, copy of flight e-ticket, address and phone number in country of destination.

Estimated Timescale: Your pet will require an appointment approximately 2 weeks before their flight in order to be examined and declared healthy by the veterinarian.  The certificate will then be completed after this appointment by the vet and sent to the Ministry of Agriculture for endorsement.

  1. Tapeworm treatment (dogs only).
    • Dogs entering Finland, Ireland, Malta or the United Kingdom, or Norway, must be treated for tapeworm with an approved product by a licensed veterinarian a minimum of 24 hours and a maximum of 120 hours (between 1 and 5 days) before their scheduled arrival time.

Estimated Timescale: The worming treatment can be administered during a standard 15-minute veterinary appointment.


TOTAL ESTIMATED TIMESCALE: Approximately 5 – 6 months.


TIP! We recommend that you begin these preparations ideally 6 months in advance of when you intend to move your pet.


TIP! Your Rabies Serology Certificate is valid for movement into the EU for your pet’s entire life! They never have to repeat the blood test as long as rabies booster vaccinations are given yearly, on or before the due date.


TIP! The UK only accepts pets imported as manifest cargo, they are not allowed to travel either as excess baggage or in the cabin.


TIP! If you are travelling to the UK with your dog, you are required by law to register your dog’s microchip on an approved UK database within 30 days of arrival. A list of approved UK databases and more helpful information can be found at 


TIP! If it is likely that you will move to the EU from Cambodia in the future, you can complete the first 3 steps at any time during your pet’s life.

Disclaimer: The information presented here is offered as advice only and is liable to change. Please contact the relevant veterinary authority in your country of destination to check the requirements. In addition, individual airlines and/or pet relocation companies may have specific conditions for travelling with pets in addition to the requirements set out here. Please contact your airline and/or pet relocation company directly for information. 


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