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The Facts about Rabies for Pets and Owners in Cambodia

28th September is World Rabies Day! Protect yourself and your furry friends with appropriate vaccinations! What is rabies? Rabies is a viral disease that affects the nerves and brain. It is transmitted from animals to humans. It is 100% fatal once symptoms appear. Which animals can get rabies? Any mammal[…]


Treating Chilly the cat for cellulitis

Can you spot the difference?? Chilly came in to see us after she was attacked by a stray cat in her own house! Her leg is very swollen, this is due to cellulitis likely caused by a bite or scratch. She was a model patient whilst we cleaned her up,[…]


Moving from Cambodia to EU Pet Travel Scheme Explained

The EU Pet Travel Scheme Explained! The process of moving from Cambodia to the EU with your pet can seem bewildering at first, so here we have explained the veterinary requirements in 6 easy steps. Your pet must be permanently identified by the implantation of a microchip, and the date[…]